Here we go…

Similar to a young, ignorant Rand al’Thor finding out he is the dragon reborn, or an equally young Kevin Durant getting selected with the number two pick (shout out your boys Logain and Greg, the greatest busts of all time), it is time for me to embark on a new journey. Where we are going only time will tell. The original concept of this blog is to combine the type of fantasy discussions found only in the deepest, darkest pits of Reddit and wiki’s with the over-saturated market of sports talk by suburban white guys. Whether that is a concept that will work remains to be seen. But shit if JR Smith can win a championship and all-time loser Frodo can destroy a ring, maybe it can happen. Initially the plan is to test a few different ideas and see if I can stick with them. Also as I am planning on doing zero promotion until I get some content up, this is mostly just a pep talk to myself.

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