So I am currently working through the Mistborn series. I already worked through the first 5 books. I just started the third novel, Bands of Mourning, of the second set of Mistborn books. I’m not exactly sure how this one is being grouped in relation to the original, I think that Sanderson is doing four Wax and Wayne novels. Either way, I have to say that while Mistborn as a whole is not nearly as good as the Stormlight Archive, I think that is to be expected.

The idea with this Mistborn Monday’s blog is to kind of recap where I am in the series. I can’t see this last book taking more than another two weeks. After I finish it, the plan is to review all the books, as both individual stories and as part of the series as a whole. Who knows though, I might get right into something else and just let this hang. Still not positive the direction I am taking this whole blog thing.

Back, back, back to the book. They kind of read more like YA fantasy, especially the initial trilogy. Even the discussion of Hemalurgy which should be crazy gruesome is kind of like ehhhhhh not really that gross. I think the relationships are kind of childish as well, like there really never seems to be any deep diving into the what should be complicated interpersonal relationships. Buttttt I digress, there is just something about Sanderson books that makes them hard to put down. I read the Stormlight Archive first so perhaps I am viewing Mistborn unfairly by comparing it instead of appreciating it as it’s own story. I don’t know though, these books are so highly regarded by fantasy enthusiasts and I just don’t see it. To be fair I have ran through these Saquan style and I have enjoyed them, but I don’t think these are instant classics.

I like the start of this third book though, I think that this foray into an outlier city is going to play well. The balance of Wax being a lawman and nobleman is old, at this point it isn’t even believable so I am hoping that getting them out of the city will just allow the character to seem more natural. As always the highlight of this series is anything to do involving Wayne. I find it funny that the most ludicrous character is perhaps the one with the most depth to him. Sanderson does a really great job with these kinds of characters, and the way he ties in Wayne’s good hearted charity to the family of the man he killed makes him the most well rounded character of the series. I’m excited to see where this one goes, right now i’m up to the part where they are getting ready to leave the city.

To end this on a positive note, I don’t often LOL while reading, as I am usually on the PATH train or i’m just not a psycho. But on my trip into the city this morning I read the part where Wayne tells the kids to give out the meat roll thingys and as he runs past the old guys a dude gets rocked in the face like he’s Dez Bryant trying to catch a curl. That shit was funny as fuck.

Man I am not doing a great job mixing in the sports with fantasy.

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