Despite my own prior experiences coming up with ideas and not following through, I actually got the audio book for Eye of the World. Gave it an initial listen during a grueling 2 ½ mile atrocious excuse for a run. On the current running plan I am following, Thursdays are supposed to be an off-day but I usually try and get a light run in. I hammered some halal about an hour before I went for this atrocity so basically I had to shit the whole time. Either way it got done, I made it home without poop running down my leg and even found time to focus on the audio book.

Quick aside about bowel movements out of the way, obviously the book started with the prologue. As I mentioned before, I never listened to an audio book before so my expectations were pretty, pretty low. Honestly I think the only audio book I ever remember having heard, as in it was on in the car when I was a kid, was some weeeeeirrrd book about a woman in an abusive relationship where the guy would like bang girls in the back of the car while his wife taxied them around or would like make her wear a bag when they had sex. I remember thinking 3 things about this experience. First was what the fuck is my mother interested in, very weird. Second, why does she think this is appropriate for her children to listen too, terrible parenting. And lastly, why would putting a bag over someone’s head be like the only way to be turned on enough to have sex with them. I would rather just look at the person or close my eyes or something. Looking at a paper bag would just freak me the fuck out. Different strokes for different folks I guess. All in all that guy was a dickhead. No idea what the book was called. Going to be coming up with a book rating system soon, I have no doubt that book would rate slightly above the Dark Tower series, slightly below Kathy Acker’s “Blood and Guts in High School.”

First thing I noticed with the audiobook was that the dude narrating it had an excellent voice, I assume this is par for the course for popular audiobooks. The guy’s name is Michael Kramer and I guess eventually some lady named Kate Reading hops on the mic. That last name can’t be for real. Mrs. Reading is reading to me. Apparently they won some award for doing this kind of stuff. Prob based on that last name alone. Either way, I wasn’t expecting Kramster to be dropping some voice acting on my eardrums. He had voices for Lews Therin and Ishamael, and mannnnn the voice for Ishamael is a doozy. I mean if you have any question who the bad guy is, Kramster lets ya know in one second.

My initial concern was that I would be unable to follow the story since I would be traversing the mean streets of Hoboken on the left/right express while I was listening but it was really easy to follow. I plan on continuing to make fun of the voices but they do actually really help. I also believe that having read the books before, it will be alot easier to follow as I know how the general plot goes.

So my comments on what actually happens, while I know the general story line, I was really high when I read these so all the little details are lost on me. I didn’t remember this scene at all and it was fucking awesome. Just Ishmael giving Lews Therin the ol’ “bitch you can’t die till I say you can” type smacktalk. Lews just all like “dude where’s my car/wife.” Classic.

“You cannot escape so easily, Dragon. It is not done between us. It will not be done until the end of time.”   —Ishamael, staring at the fiery mountain.

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