This beautiful segment has sadly reached its conclusion. I finished “The Bands of Mourning” and let me tell you, it was a much better book than the previous two. Sadly I think it’s biggest failing is the length. While the other two pretty much reached the end of the storyline without becoming a drag or forcing it like “The Well of Ascension” kind of seemed too, the sheer amount of information, plotlines, and new allomantic technological advances was almost too much. They hop, and I guess fly, through the plot without really letting anything settle. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely action packed, from the second they get on the train the story becomes a run-and-gun novel. But the cost of this was obvious, since it had to end with the gang winning, Wax of course had to die than get magically revived after a weird afterlife Dumbledore and Harry in a magical train station type conversation with Sazy long earlobes. Sanderson does seem to end a lot of books by simply having the main character get super powers and just whip ass.

I have a tendency to pick out the negatives as I am forever unsatisfied and possibly the worst when it comes to reviewing things, but this book was seriously enjoyable and my main gripe of it being too short is a testament to just how great a storyteller Sanderson is. His ability to interweave cultures, interpersonal relationships, and magic is a rare gift that he does so well. Never when I read about new cultures or civilizations in his books am I thinking that this simply isn’t even plausible or is just not smoothly done. Like he introduced the technologically advanced Seguleh and I was just like sure that works.

I think his biggest failing, and this is just my opinion, is his reliance on magic to wrap up the action. I find this crazy because he spends enough time developing excellent plotlines, he sets up everything so well but everytime some super power bails everyone out. This is a big issue I have with the Stormlight Archive series as well. Those books at least are long enough where by the end it really feels like I got everything out of it. I get that he may not feel like having every book hit 1,000 pages, and as someone in publishing I understand that authors are under pressure to have concise, clean endings but i really wish he got to go off how it seems like he wants too. I guess Stormlight Archive is where he does that. This is something I want to explore and put together something on, but for the sake of not having this drag on I think I have said enough.

Last notes. Wayne getting alien cheeks while a train robbery is in progress is just amazing. Wayne blasting Telsin with a shotty Halo 2 style was even more amazing. There is an old youtube video in the early ages of the internet of a Halo 2 compilation set to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This and when he picked up the shotty I couldn’t stop thinking about that. For the record I loved that video as a kid but there is no way that holds up now. Also a second train robbery is just lazy.

Final question, did Steris magically becoming hot enough for Wax feel like the fakest thing about the whole story?

That is the end of Mistborn Monday’s. Sick long lasting segment.

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