Yesterday I finished up Beyond Redemption and the ending did not disappoint. My fear was that the whole every character feeling sorry for themselves schtick was going to get old but that was not the case. I can kind of equate the characters in this book to some of the darker aspects of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. There is a lot going on in this story, and if you can get past the absurd names for shit it is absolutely worth it.

The real grab of this book is the unique magic system. I guess the concept is that everyone in the world is insane, and the way you think and feel impacts what kind and how much power you have. I really enjoyed Konig’s Doppels power struggle. I think it is tricky to have aspects of a character take on a life of their own as the struggle is to create characters that are not so one-dimensional but Fletch does an excellent job of rounding them out.

Even Gehrin, the most annoying character in the entire book, is still a fun read. I enjoyed her burning all those undead, I do wish she was slightly less powerful but whatever. The slaver was borderline hilarious, him telling the guy he is not allowed to shit was classic. His whole child molestation thing not so much.

I truly thought this book was going to end with some redemption, despite the title telling me otherwise, because that is what I just expect when I read anything. So boy was I relieved when Morgen went full fucking heel and started murking the terrible trio.

Wichtig was awesome, he was funny as hell and him continuously trying to come up with insults broke up the self-deprecation that the terrible trio constantly brooded on. Easily my favorite character. Just the visual of him prancing around working the crowd like the street performers in front of Faneuil Hall had me rolling.

I can’t wait to delve further into this series and will be starting the next book ASAP.

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