Alright, alright haven’t updated my progress on this in quite a while but that does not mean I haven’t been putting in those miles and listens. I think I have got to chapter 11 but I zone out any time the chapters change. I am at the part where ya boy Antwaan RANDle El just used the Taren Ferry to get across the river. Seeing as this has been a huge jump from me summarizing the intro to now I guess I am just going to go over some highlights.

When RANDLE El kills the Trolloc, it seems to me like this is a precursor to just how fucking soft Trollocs are. I have a problem with this throughout the series. Like these things are described as being animal human hybrids, and I’m not talking about DK Metcalf. Sound the terrible joke drums. Yet they pretty much get twerked by every single character in the entire series. When you have the mindless drones of an overlord, just once I would like to see them be capable of more than arrow fodder. I do like this guys commitment to just posting up chilling. Like fuck you fade i’m tryna eat some dudes not slog through the woods.

I love when these like bum ass farmers try and kick Moiraine out of the inn after she just saves them. Gotta appreciate the balls on pulling a stunt like that. I also love how she essentially placates them by telling them a story where all the dudes die. They all are I guess embarrassed but I think what they should have said was “yea that is exactly why you need to bounce homie.” Also she leaves five seconds later, could have just saved time and said okay im outtttttie. That story she tells does get me a little emotional though. Don’t tell anyone.

Lastly, gotta talk about the OG Matty Money Maker. Classic prankster making dogs white and telling people there are ghost dogs around. What a guy. Can’t wait for him to start wacking clowns with that staff.

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