I was pretty jacked up about immediately starting the second book in the Manifest Delusions series or its a novel of Manifest Delusions or its just a book that has some place in some universe and after finishing it today I gotta say that it did not disappoint. I am slightly conflicted, as a grammar hypocrite who points out other people’s flaws and doesn’t hold himself to the same standards, I would be doing myself (the only reader of this blog) a disservice if I didn’t point out that there are a litany of errors throughout the book. Now I read the kindle version of the book so maybe these got cleaned up, but still there are more than the average book. It also seems to suffer from a few sections that just were slightly off. For example, a couple of times the character POV would shift to whoever was the object of the characters thoughts, but only for like a paragraph. I am not saying this is not frequently done, Malazan Book of the Fallen has pages that feature 1000 characters POV’s, but in this case it is kind of sloppy.

There is more to that, from 3 seconds of investigative journalism it seems like the first book, Beyond Redemption, was published by Harper Voyager, but they did not pick up the second book. Fletcher self-published the book. I think it had something to do with sales, but honestly Harper did him a disjustice because the first book was one of the most original, fun books I had read in a bit. This book could have used the extra little touch a publishing house can provide. It has all the pieces of an excellent sequel and it was still an enjoyable read, it just needed a little help

That being said, I still absolutely devoured The Mirror’s Truth because it took a lot of the elements from the first book and built on them. The character growth of both Wichtig and Stelhan are the highlights of the story. Wichtig is seriously one of the best characters I have read in a long time, he was just fucking murking fools left and right. That scene of him in the bar just drunk as hell killing everyone, including a chair, had me rolling. I really hope that Fletcher takes the next book and shows us his journey. I love his quest, and even though that poor girl died before he could train her up, I want him to continue to stab fools. Morgan is low-key annoying as hell, but still a decent enough villain. BRING BACK KONIG.

Sadly I don’t know the state of this series so it looks like it’s back to the drawing board on my never-ending quest to find another series

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