One line plot summary: This dude Ringil who basically gave up on life and just wants to chill and get drunk had his mom come and bother his ass and pressure him into going to rescue his dumb ass cousin that legally got sold into slavery.

Real talk I have no idea if this book is a steal but that is just marketing 101 at its finest. No one in their right mind reads an article if the title doesn’t stick out. So remember kids, don’t ever worry about the content of anything you write its all about headlines and pictures and keywords and SEO and social media and all that fun good stuff.

So The Steel Remains is on that Grimdark magazine list of books and after my thorough enjoyment of the Delusions books I’m sticking to the list/sucking up to get a job. I also don’t think I am going to research anything I have already finished, lets call it a new feature of the blog. So if I start refrencing books that I have already finished and are not like the super well known genre classics, if I get the facts wrong so be it. Facts don’t mean shitttt no more. Point being, this book has some clout to it. Apparently your boy big dick Rich is a Sci-Fi writer so my instant thought was to vomit and cancel this dude immediately but I’m in this for the big bucks so I decided to give this a shot. No chance it could be worse then The Dark Tower and I tortured myself to finish that. I will repeat this I am sure many times, FUCK The Dark Tower.

I guess one of the nuances of this book is that ya boy Ringil Star is gay. If that turns you off from reading the book then you are cancelled. Like who the fuck cares. I had read a few reviews that the sex scenes are pretty graphic but I have yet to encounter any. No one reads fantasy for the sex scenes anyway because I am sure you know that fantasy fanatics notoriously get laid all the time so we don’t need to use books to satisfy our needs. If the scenes wind up being funny maybe I will do some blogs on them.

This book has been a slow burn, nothing has really happened except Ringil-around-the-rosy killed some zombie worm, got wasted, and piped a stable boy. Also some random scene where some old dude uses a weird lance to kill some wolf-men. So far nothing too special but I think this thing has potential.

End notes. Damian Lillard hitting that shot was awesome. Westbrook can go get fucked by Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun.

The book cover is dope. Hope this series is good enough that I can rationalize getting a tattoo of that sword. Who am I kidding I probably would do it even if I wind up hating it.

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