What up whatup it’s time for a quick update on my journey through the Eye of the World audio book. Whatup3321 was one of AIM screenames back in the day and let me tell you it still plays. My initial idea of recapping my audio book experience while also talking about the training I have been undertaking is still on. It is just a little difficult to combine the two but I shall do my best.

Currently I am training for the Brooklyn Half which is May 18th. There is no specific goal in mind, earlier this year I hit my goal of an under 1:50 half with a 1:49:10 so I guess the next natural milestone would be a 1:45. I am not going for it on this one, I want to run it with my gf and help her hit her goal of under 2:00. Prob will wait until the Newport Half to go for it, but I don’t know how my body is going to react to training for my first marathon. Right now the focus has been on increasing my mileage. I know a lot of people talk about doing a 10% increase every week but honestly I do a lot of other stuff on top of running like playing soccer and basketballs and increasing that quickly every week is just going to kill me so I have been doing it every two weeks. This is the first week I am going for 33 miles and so far so good. I also have been experimenting with some speed workouts, my gf is on a training plan that I also follow. I just use the rest days on her plan as the days where I finish up my mileage. It seems to be helping, I just ran the UAE Kidney 10k in 49:10. Not great in terms of what I wanted but there was no rest in preparation for it so whatever. I kind of want to continue to talk about running in the future. It holds me accountable in the sense that if I put it out in the world I am more inspired to do it, and also I just really like talking about running. As someone who used to scoff at the idea of running any further then one restraining line to the other, this is kind of comical. I understand how much of a tool I can come across as, but fuck you its my blog.

Now that that is out of the way, back to the Eye of the World. I think my memories of how I felt about this series are clouded, I initially remember wondering if it was ever going to end, that it was literally dragging on forever and it teetered on ridiculous. I also was at a really weird place in my life while reading this series so I don’t know im my memory is tainted.

That being said, I am thoroughly enjoying the audiobook. I happen to remember a lot of the action in the first book so nothing is coming as a surprise but honestly I think a large part of my enjoyment is that the writing is simple enough that it is easy to follow while running. If it was overly complicated like MBotF (yes I had to look up what the reddit abbreviation of Malazan Book of the Fallen was because I am tired of typing it out) I am not sure I would enjoy it as it requires too much of being present or too much shit goes over my head. That’s what makes re-reading MBotF so enjoyable, but for WoT, the writing is well suited to audio. Also, though I clowned on the narrator initially, I now like the dude.

So the gang has gotten to Baerlon, and Nynaeve has just showed up to the party. DJ Thom got the club jumpppping and the whole crew was just soulja boying and douging their asses off. Fuck I am getting up there when those are the only two dances I could come up with off the top of my head. The hero of the story had just slung a stone at a cart soaking the children of the light and let me tell you, that guy gets comedy. Leaving your boy out to dry, HAHAH get it, wasn’t the coolest move but I forgive him. I am just up to the part where a fade shows up and asks Rand if he is trying to catch a fade. Shit is getting hot quick.

Re-reading this blog it occurs to me that it is all over the place. Give me an F for staying on topic.

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