“The only rules he wanted to remember were “never kiss a girl whose brothers have knife scars” and “never gamble without knowing a back way out” – Mat Cauthon

Time has come for the number one blog to guarantee you get rich. You want winners? TRUST ME I HAVE THEM. Look at my past history if you want examples of greatness. This is the third (or fourth?) rendition of the gambling blog for fantasy fanatics. The 0-3 (or 4?) speaks for itself or to itself on some Iskaral Pust flow. If you don’t believe real money is changing hands I might start posting the betting slips, you have never seen $10 dollars (I know high roller stuff) disappear faster. It’s funny, the winners I have had recently are of course undocumented. The old Instagram philosophy comes to mind, if you don’t post it it didn’t happen. A quick aside, I read a story about some influencer faking attending Coachella and everyone eating it up, and I gotta say I lovvvve that move. Like an old soldier claiming they fought next to a hero, meanwhile they were like fucking guarding the supplies.

That being said I know that I got a hot one tonight. We got my gambling favorite Philadelphia 76’s taking on the professional chokes the Toronto Drakes.

Philadelphia 76ers   Toronto Drakes
-1.5 SPREAD +1.5
-125 MONEY LINE +105

You gotta hammer the 76ers tonight. I wouldn’t hate on taking the money line I really believe this one is going to come down to the last bucket, but I don’t feel good enough to take the Drakes. This is going to come down to the 3rd quarter, if the Sixers can come out of the half strong then they are going to take the game. It’s funny, both teams have won based on brilliant performances from stars. You could make the argument that Butler is 2nd or 3rd fiddle, but certainly Kawhi is THE GUY. But I think the team that is going to take this game is going to have the better-rounded team effort. I want to compare the Sixers to one of my favorite mercenary groups, The Black Company, but due to what can easily be a confusing and controversial label (with the exception of JJ and Boban) I think I am going to go with The Crimson Guard. Doesn’t translate as well but so be it.

Regardless, they are the home team. They stole a game on the road. They are individually the more talented team. They have moments where they actually come together. They also have moments where they splinter off to do their own thing post loss of K’azz style, but I think the energy in Philly is going to propel them to actually work together. So book it.

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