First of all I would like to congratulate myself for picking a winner yesterday after I made my pick public. It takes a big man to humbly praise himself. To be fair I made a mistake and flipped the point spread but it didn’t matter so I should not be held accountable for that misinformation, especially in light of how great that table looked. Credit to me.

I am about a third the way through The Steel Remains and while the plot has continued to develop slower than Boban running back to play transition defense, the shape of it is beginning to form. Ring Ding il has made no progress on saving his cousin, but it does seem like that particular facet of the story matters little in the face of the return of some invisible creatures called the Dwenda. So far they have ran through some fishing village and chirped Ringil as he was walking home. Not very terrifying or really interesting, I am hoping this doesn’t turn into a good but flawed vs. evil mystery creatures story, those get really old after a while. This story is close to being really good, right now it is simply something to read.

As much as I appreciate what I guess could be considered progressive characters, one of the female characters is black and obviously the main character is gay, it just kind of seems like there is nothing really gripping about the story. It is certainly more adult in nature, but I don’t know if I think that because the characters say fuck all the time or there are decently detailed descriptions of kinky sex. Kind of feels like these elements are included to try and spice up boring storytelling. That being said, it is close to being an interesting read. I’m going to compare it to the money making Sixers. Like the Sixers, all the pieces are there for a great story/team. It checks a lot of the boxes for things I enjoy, graphic violence, adult/realistic dialogue, dark undertones, etc. but it doesn’t seem to be gelling consistently yet. I am remaining optimistic.

Highlights so far:

Some priest gets his dick clamped by a magical god vagina trap, pretty funny visual.

That’s pretty much it.

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