Hey as a new segment we are going to do “Mike is behind on the internet.” So on today’s segment I have a fantastic new announcement to make. Amazon Prime is making a Wheel of Time series or something and production starts in the fall. Remember this in five years after season one of that LOTR series airs. Incredible timing by me to decide to listen to an audiobook so that I can properly shame any fan of the show with my favorite intelligence shaming comment of all time, “This is not what happened in the book.” Now the natural retort would be to just say, “Hey Mike you are supposed to work in publishing but your spelling and grammar fucking suck you dumbass hack.” Well played. Credit to you.

Back to the audiobook. Been running my second 33 mile week and so far so good, at like 25 already this week so very ahead of the game. Seems like these long runs are getting a lot easier, I am supposed to be running the Brooklyn Half on May 19th and I planned on dropping the mileage to like 25 next week to kind of make sure my legs were in shape but I am not sure I really need to do that. Either way, running is going well.

So the book. Baerlon didn’t pan out so hot for the crew, the fade kinda ruined what was a fun time. Also Rand al’Bore just shouting out his whole life plan to Padain Fain probs didn’t help either. I would say that was Rand’s first mistake in the book, though no worries that clown ass fake dragon reborn makes many more. Also, I know this book does well in the sense of having strong female leads but I forgot how annoying the cattiness and posturing of characters like Nynaeve gets. Just feel like there are better ways for them to interact. Whatever it’s not like a deal breaker, but listening to it instead of reading it I just want the whining to stop. OOOO MORAINE DOESN’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. No shit she is out here making herself fucking giant and whipping people with her unbreakable staff and you are like o miss have a cup of tea for exhaustion. Know your role fam.

I think I am at the part where they just finish their first skirmish and are heading to that weird Mines of Moria portal world. The skirmish went well, of course all the characters instantly succeeded in fighting on horseback. Pretty sweet when Lan chops of the fades head and all Thom could say is “O you gotta wait until night for them to die, I think.” Buddy I am sure the magic lady and her super soldier are aware. Love Thom though, shout out to him. The hero of the story whipping people with his quarterstaff is Arya before Arya. Good for him, at least he actually takes some damage, unlike Rand who just willy-nilly hangs on for dear life falling off his horse. A real hero gets hit.

Final notes: I lost on Golden State the other night, just keeping it honest. Since I live in Jersey and can use *Gambling site pay me and you can appear here!* my friend asked me to put money on the Bucks for him. Thought that was stupid. Loved seeing a winning ticket that wasn’t my own.

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