I have refrained from blogging about GoT since the inaugural debut of this blog for a few reasons.

  1. Everyone is doing it. I spend so much time reading other people’s takes on the show that I have no interest in writing about it.
  2. I am not as smart as all these nerds on Reddit, so anything I come up with is either completely stolen from someone else or is just unoriginal. I don’t have it in me to analyze a TV show like that.
  3. I am super negative all the time and find no joy in anything, this season has given me so much to complain about that it just wouldn’t be fun to lay it all out.
  4. I enjoy writing about books that I have read little to no reviews or theories on. I start doing all my wormhole research after I finish books because I just find it more enjoyable.

So this blog has nothing to do with the show. The show was good enough that I am not upset by it. HOWEVER there is something that I must talk about. There is a prevalent rumor circling the internet streets thanks to the actor that played Barristan Selmy (real name Ian McElhinney) saying in an interview that books six and seven are already done. Georgy has not released them because he has struck a shadow agreement with the show creators, those two fucking losers at the end of the episode who pretend to give us insight into the episode but instead just try and mislead or market the show. The agreement states that the show has to finish first.

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Look I can bust out the stats and analytics showing how GRRM is not that delayed. He is maybe a couple of years off from his normal pace. BUT HAVE SOME FUCKING SENSE. This guy went from a relative unknown, very few people outside the fantasy world were familiar with ASOIAF before it became the biggggggggest show of all time. Now he is not only crazy rich, he is arguably the most popular author alive right now, if you want I can hedge that and say he is at least having the biggest moment right now. He is one of like 10 living authors a regular non-reader can name off the top of their head. He had a South Park trilogy episode thing on him. He is beyond famous.

Of course he is struggling to finish the book. The stakes are astronomically higher. I have no doubt he felt an enormous amount of pressure writing the books initially, but that has to pale in comparison to what he feels now. Like there is no way he understood real pressure until now. And the guy is an amazing writer, he isn’t going to put out shit just because he has too. Look at J.K. Rowling, I often say that my favorite book was The Half-Blood Prince, it was the most humanizing and the best look into the wizarding world. But The Deathly Hallows was trash, there is noooooo doubt in my mind that she felt crazy pressure to provide an ending that would appeal to the masses. And let’s not forget, he has put out two very solid books since A Dance of Dragons. I legitimately loved Fire and Blood.

It’s like when an athlete starts to listen to the media and changes the way they play. You start hearing that you don’t pass enough, so you hesitate when the big shot comes to you and pass and it turns into a disaster. You start hearing how your running style doesn’t work in this offense, so you change the way you run and now you can’t break one free. These things impact people, but unlike sports, there is no game where you can focus in and just play, you have to constantly re-read and re-work things. That’s got to suck.

So all things considered, the book is not coming out. But also selfishly, finish the fucking books already pleassssse. Also I really need to get off Reddit that shit is poisoning my mind. Barristan I thought you were a smart dude but now I got to say it, you a dumb ass. Stay woke, this was all a marketing ploy to get people like me fired up again. It worked.

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