Killing it with the title wordplay once again. Much like the warriors train wrecking the West, I am crushing the title game. Command’s your Attention. Brilliant. Moving on. I am 100 pages through the book so I think that is far enough to get some of my thoughts out on it. I do think it’s funnier to write my first impressions like 20 pages in, but that doesn’t work well for book two. So I finally figured out the name of the series, it’s called A Land Fit for Heroes which is an awesome name. Some series names are just solid, the name has absolutely nothing to do with the books but it works. At least the Kingkiller Chronicles, another fantastic name, I believe eventually a king will get killed. Speaking off, I read an article that the show isn’t going to follow the books but instead will follow some of the Edema Ru in like a prequel. That single handedly has to be the stupidest idea I have ever heard. I don’t know if that is because there is supposed to be a movie, but if that is the case it is still a shit idea. I am officially on the record that I am done with fantasy series getting portrayed as movies. Just always leaves us wanting. Then again we ended up with BRAN…

The Cold Commands still follows the three POV characters from the first book, and once again they are on too their own stuff. If they end up together again that just isn’t plausible. At the end of the last book I predicted Ringil bo Bingil (not my best) would turn into a Dwenda. That seems to be continuing, though Ringil’s new hustle is to free slaves. Well I guess that is not a new hustle but instead of one person he doesn’t care about he is trying to save a bunch of people he doesn’t care about. Archeth has the most ambitious storyline, she is heading to some volcano to meet up with who I assume is going to be the link to the Kiriath. Egar has the most unclear situation, he is like in love with some lady and is a fake guard at Archeth’s crib.

Now that the summary is over, some thoughts. This is a much better written book. The last one I struggled to read when I wasn’t commuting but this is a much different story. The pacing is a little slower and I honestly think that works better for the style. A hundo pages in I have an idea where things are going, but it isn’t nearly as simple as the last book. This might be a case of not having to develop the magic or the system and it plays so much more naturally. I know it is really difficult to market a 700-800 page book, but these two really should have been combined. That would have avoided the terrible end battle. For real though I am so far enjoying this, Morgan still has a chance to bore me to death.

Also so far there has been no graphic sex scenes. I am not saying that is a good thing (I am saying that), but it is a weird thing to have had several by this point in the last book and none so far. There was a rape, but it wasn’t in the detail that the sex had in the last book. If there are some scenes I will be sure to comment, but right now I have to believe that this was an editorial decision.

Final notes: God damn Blazers that was fucking pathetic. Haven’t seen a beating that brutal since, well them last year against the Pelicans. Also the covers for these books are fucking cool. Bad asses trying to connect with the youth use profanities, as well as people writing Grimdark…

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