It’s funny, when I originally took up running I figured that it was going to be a quick and efficient way to get a workout in. I was tired of spending an hour in the gym every day, the injuries from lifting and sports were starting to add up, and it was just getting boring. Sure there are options like Crossfit (yuck) or other HIIT type classes but those are neither cost efficient nor time saving. They do get results though gotta give credit where it is due. Point is, I figured I would run, it would take 30 or so minutes, and I would get cut up. In typical obsessive fashion it now consumes my life and is probably the number one thing I spend my time on that doesn’t involve work or reading.

What does this have to do with the race? NOTHING. But I did run it. Previously I have mentioned how I have been working on increasing my mileage, I don’t know if I set a hard goal but I eventually want to work up to 40-45 miles a week by the time the TCS New York City Marathon comes around early November. This training has kind of been the driving action of me starting my first audiobook, hence the Eye of the World Audiobook Update series. Right now I have been running 36 miles a week consistently for the last 3-4? weeks. It hasn’t been too difficult, the hardest parts have been when the training plan calls for different kinds of runs such as tempo runs, fartlek’s, and intervals. I honestly have had no experience with these kinds of running, wayyyyy back when I was playing meaningful sports I just did sprints and shit. It has been an interesting experience, I think I have gotten used to arranging my schedule to allow the time to run the necessary mileage as well as planning the extra runs to work around the training plan. My body has held up well, just seem to be in a state of constant soreness. Yoga has been really helpful for keeping me sort of loose. Not sure what I am going to have to do to get up to 40 though, just haven’t really felt capable at this point as I have been balancing different races.

Back to the race. I had never ran this race before, can’t say I was jumping out the gym excited for it. This isn’t the fault of the race, I just don’t feel like going to Brooklyn from Hoboken. That’s on me, I signed up for a race called the Brooklyn Half Marathon, can’t get mad when that takes place in Brooklyn. I was extremely happy that the race was on Saturday though, I can’t express enough how much better this is. Probably a good idea to throw the actual date of the event in this blog, it was Saturday May 18th. There was a pre-race party for the packet pick-up in Dumbo, which is an absolutely gorgeous area. I thought that it was going to be a pain in the ass to get too, but that was based on my own experience of interning at Melville House Publishing last year, when I had to drive from Glen Cove to get there. Turns out, subways from Manhattan get you there way quicker. WHO KNEW!

The race starts in Prospect Park. I am sure the image I am going to use for this blog is going to be blurry so maybe I will attempt to add a map here. As an aside, I realllllly need to learn how to get the header images to work correctly, it looks terrible. Having never been to Prospect Park before, I had zero expectations. My wave was supposed to start at 7, so we got there around 6:30. Everything was well organized, bag check was right next to where we were supposed to enter the corral, always love that. The bathroom situation is a nightmare, the porta potties are only in the corral waiting area and the lines were ridiculous, it took 25 minutes to use one and by then the race had already kind of started.

What is there to say about the race course itself. It was an absolutely awesome course and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Honestly my favorite half marathon course to date. The first half of the half (haha) was all in the park, I was worried the roads were going to be over crowded but they were not at all. All the hills were in the park portion of the race, and they were not too steep or long. Still felt more downhill than uphill. Eventually you get out of the park and the last 6-7 miles are on some highway, but it’s all the lanes so there is a lot of space. NYRR does a really great job with the water/Gatorade stations, I believe there was one at every mile along with a clock to play mental math with. At about the halfway mark there was some bee goo things that tasted pretty solid. I will say that it’s tough with all the packets not to step on one and get that stuff all over your sneakers. Had sticky sneakers for a while until I ran through a sprinkler.

The end of the race is in Coney Island. Lots of excitement and people around, which is always encouraging. The finish line was on the boardwalk, it was a little tight getting up the ramp to get on, but overall a minor complaint. The post-race festivities were like a beer festival in whatever stadium that is, cool enough. The post race bag had some pretzels, a Gatorade, water bottle, and some delicious bar. The lack of name-brands are not due to my no free ads policy, I just legit don’t remember.

If for some odd reason you stuck it out until the end, the goal for this race was to help Nathalie run under a 2 hour half. She has been working crazy hard and it paid off. We finished in 1:58:15. Couldn’t be more happy or proud.

That wraps up my first race review. Can’t tell if this was fun to write or not. It certainly isn’t fun to read or edit. No final notes on this one. Hopefully I can find a way to make these funny. If you did wind up reading this whole thing, here is a pic of me, no idea how Nat didn’t make it into this picture, which sucks because she is the way more attractive half of the couple.

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