Okay, okay, okay, it’s that time of the week where I’m going to ramble on about Eye of the World, running and touch upon gambling losses. I feel like I have been struggling with the running this week. With having the Brooklyn Half on Saturday and doing the City Manager’s 10-Mile Race to Remember this Sunday, I am in that intermediary week where I don’t have a long race to get these miles in and I don’t want to overdo it and be shot to shit by Sunday. So I fed myself a steady diet of 5-7 mile runs, and will close up the week with two 3 milers Friday and Saturday. Running consistent 5-7 miles everyday was just boring, I should have broke it up with something. I think I might shoot for a 40 mile week next week, since 10 of them will already be knocked out by the race Sunday and I don’t believe I have anything coming up.

There is one good thing about 5-7 milers every day, it gave me a shitload of time to make some progress on Eye of the World. I just finished listening to the part of the book where Perrin and Egwenes’ dumbasses get scooped up by the Children of the Light. RIP HOPPER YOU WERE A REAL ONE. I guess it really isn’t too depressing because I’m almost positive he lives on in the dream world. Kinda hard to get emotional over it. I call those two dumbasses because I never understand this, instead of hiding by the only identifiable object in the Stedding, just keep walking or lay down in the middle of the field. You have night vision Perrin, use it. Terrible showing by him just charging them and getting twerked in the head. Be better bro.

Update on the tres amigos. Boring, Nynaeve grow up already. Such a whiner. Looks like fucking CP3 after literally anything happens on the court. Moiraine is like Scott Foster. Lan is like somebody. Good job me.

I would be remiss in my duties if I did not touch upon the hero of the story and Lenny al’Thor. Things started to pop off in White Bridge, and honestly there is no one to blame here but Rand. If he just never spoke to Padain Fain, Mat would never be forced to have to make tough decisions like saying to Thom we gotta split up. Thom is a real one though. Charging a fade when you are 900 years old takes balls. His may be old and wrinkled, but they are most certainly there. Gracious of Mat to not steal the spotlight and take out the fade himself. Real heroes know to get everyone on the team involved.

And that is this week’s update. Remember kids stay in school.

Final Notes:

There is this book proposal going around my office today, and it is seriously the craziest thing I have ever read. It is at least 14k words long and it is the work a madman, I want to share it soooooo badly but I have a feeling I would get fired instantly. It’s ballsy as hell though, my man not only proposed a book, but also a subsequent movie, tv show and an app. I would love if people started sending me crazy ass book proposals.

I was riding a hot streak on the Bucks covering, but that came to a crashing halt last night. Kawhi had to be the most desirable free agent this summer. It’s weird, like he has such a solid image, seems crazy dependable, doesn’t cry to the media, doesn’t even have emotion when he gets called for something, is willing to limp around the court just to play and yet I still always question him because of San Antonio. I can’t wait to one day find out the real, or as close to real as things get these days, one day. Three blogs this week. What a legend. Final notes is a little out of hand on this one.

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