Here to bring you the latest from one man’s journey to listen to an audiobook that is over 20 years old from a series that he didn’t know was getting adapted into an Amazon TV series while simultaneously training for a marathon it is the one and only ME.  Last week’s rendition of the number one blog series that is super inclusive and I imagine not one single person can relate too went widely outside the lane lines so maybe today I will attempt to keep it a little more on track. That’s a running joke.

First and foremost I would like to address the progress on The Cold Commands. Almost done.

Now after the bravery it took to not only use the expression ‘First and foremost’ in two consecutive blogs but to write a race review mere hours after the race, it’s time to talk about the run game doggggg. Putting one foot in front of the other I am working on my 38 mile week and as off this morning I am at a little over 36 and honestly it wasn’t too bad. I don’t know if that is because I knocked off a big chunk of the mileage Sunday and Wednesday (11 and 8 respectively) but I am starting to think my body is adjusting well to the increase in mileage. I think not doing any speed workouts this week played a big role, but maybe I am actually improving? Crazy right. Next week I wanted to hit the 40 mile mark but I have the Queens 10k on Saturday and I want to shoot for a PR so I will probably put a solid 30 up. We are 149 days away from the New York City Marathon so I really have to solidify what the plan is going to be. I don’t want to be making up my own plan, I do that with too many things and I wind up either overdoing it or getting hurt. Time will tell.

I think for this update I actually am going to talk about what is going on the in the world of Rand al’BORE, instead of boring the shit out of anyone actually reading this by writing about my own training. Just kidding I already did that. At this point in the book it is time to investigate who is the better friend, Rand or Mat. On one hand, Rand has been purposely misleading Mat throughout all the villages, making him seem like a hyper paranoid fuckboy. On the other hand, Mat has bravely been providing the muscle for the pair, and when Rand got sick because he used magic to almost blind Mat and was having that post nut exhaustion, Mat was there nursing him back to health. And in Caemlyn, it’s Mat who is the pragmatic one. Rand is all happy go lucky everything is alright everyone is alive, while Mat wisely is ready to face the facts and acknowledge that the gang could all be pushing daisies. Just because Rand is right doesn’t mean anything and for the sake of this argument please gloss over that fact.

Bland gives Mat so much shit about running his mouth, yet when Bland finally gives Mat some well-earned peace and quiet, he meets Loial and literally tells some random giant trolloc every single detail of their adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I love Loial he literally a furry giant blogger without internet, but Bland goes from thinking this guy is a trolloc to blabbing his life story. No sense bro pathetic.

The dynamic duo of Moiraine and Lan always makes me happy. I love those two making mischief, ambiguously dropping clues as to their emotional states, and all around having a good time fighting the Dark One. Those two and the third wheel Nynaeve are currently in the midst of operation rescue the blockhead. Moiraine is making it rain! Actually it’s lightening but that doesn’t rhyme.

That should just about rap up this week’s updates. I think it is time for my favorite part of every blog so if this is where you tap out have a greeeeeeeat Friday!

Final Notes: We got game four tonight and honestly this series has become wildly more entertaining than I anticipated. I know logic dictates that I have to accept that Kevin Durant is not coming back, but it is just so weird to have a finals with such an integral part of not only the Warriors, but the overall NBA narrative to just not play. I didn’t think it was possible that we wouldn’t see him, like I keep saying to myself no way he is missing another game but here we are.

In other sports news I am going to a Premier League Lacrosse game tomorrow, as a longtime laxer I have never attending a pro lax game. I worked a booth at one once and maybe watched two minutes of it and was unimpressed. I am hoping for a better showing. No idea whose playing, but I heard Paul Rabil on a podcast talking about it this morning and I was sold. At my old job I met him and a few other pro’s and honestly I know we all joke about lax guys being assholes but those dudes couldn’t be nicer. I think I am going to do a PLL review tomorrow, which would make that blog the first strictly sports blog on the site. Progress.

Cue the sick flow

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