Hear ye, hear ye the master of the recap no one asked for is here to bring you the weekly update. It may be an intentional faux pas but I’d like to thank myself for sticking with this ruse of using the always fresh and original recap format as an excuse to give my thoughts on the week. So without further ado let’s dive right in.

First and foremost congratulations to Drake for his amazing NBA championship run. Not since L. Ron Hubbard has there been a more versatile man. Drake has transcended from a fringe actor on a Canadian teen show to Grammy award winning NBA assistant coach, pro troll and super fan/global ambassador. Honestly if you told me at some point he got a couple of minutes at the end of a blowout I would not be surprised. Certainly contributed as much as Jeremy Lin did. RIP to the Lin Goku hairstyle.

Shoutout to Demar Derozan, the greatest human sacrifice since Prince Arthas tried to off Muradin to claim Frostmourne. Now that is a reference that is out there. Actually let’s take a moment to investigate the top human sacrifices that paid off:

  1. Jesus
  2. Jack Dawson. Though I am not convinced that he really needed to do this. Always has pissed me off
  3. Kelsier. This is probably recency bias as I just read this. You know how I know this is a good choice? Because the characters never let you forget it and make sure to mention his sacrifice in every subsequent chapter. Also why does Sanderson not get shit for naming Kelsier and Kaladin and making them like the same character? Initially at least.
  4. Goku when he blew himself up on Cell. This one didn’t end up quite so great except to motivate that crybaby Gohan.
  5. Coltaine. Easily my favorite on this list. Coltaine was a fucking awesome character who got royally fucked. The Chain of Dogs was one of the highlights of the Malazan Series, and he was the perfect leader. The Wickan Clan lost a real one. RIP even though he got reborn.

Thought this list was going to be longer, but it’s taking too much thought so moving on.

Back to the task at hand, didn’t do a lot of listening this week, as I decided to take a down week in preparation for the Queens 10k on Saturday (Review will of course be coming, stay tuned). I’ve read conflicting reports on the best way to do a down week, meaning I read the first few lines of like 3 articles and believed I knew more than the pro runners so I stopped. The research seems to vary widely, with a down week consisting of 50-90% of your average weekly mileage. I couldn’t possibly go 50% I have way to much image insecurity to allow myself to do that little exercise so the goal this week was 30 miles, which includes the 10k. I hate admitting it but there might be something to this down week thing, my legs are feeling nice and refreshed. Shooting for a 47 minute 10k on Saturday but we will see.

Big Rand the randy has been busy living up to his namesake doing a little princess chasing. Say what you want about Rand the man certainly seems to have a way with the ladies. Probably his only redeeming quality, though all those female characters are way more interesting then him. So my mans is wandering around the city trying to join the citywide peepshow of a real man, Logain, when he makes the genius decision to climb a giant wall and is just flat out shocked when the giant wall IN THE CITY he decides to climb is part of the royal grounds. The Trakand twins run up on him and rob him, got to fill the royal coffers somehow. They don’t but that would be dope, I am a big Trakand fan. Elayne is an aggressive one, instantly establishing that she’s digging that Aiel country vide Rand has, going to bat for him in front of ol’ moms in the classic “He’s really not a bad guy I swear,” routine that every parent fears. In the end though she is able to convince Morgase. If there was a Dad present, he would have done the classic Dad scowl and try and look menacing at the scumbag who he knows is giving his daughter the pipe. Rough.

Big bad Lan did some work freeing up Wolfboy and Egwene, the reunion of all the gang sans Thom is alright. The sad thing is that Mat’s metamorphosis into a super villain is soon to be curtailed. FREE MAT from the Aes Sedai. As I said I didn’t do a whole bunch of listening, but I have been told by the 9000000 articles littered throughout the blogosphere that consistency is the key to both blogging and chili so there’s that.

Final Notes: You got any ideas on down weeks? Let me know always happy to hear advice. The less that advice is backed by research or personal experience the better. Firm believer in the “Do as I say, not as I do” mantra for advice giving.

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