On this edition of Eye of the World Audiobook Update we will be discussing the magic of rain. For anyone who lives in the New York area, you may have noticed that the rain has been unrelenting. There is nothing more pleasant then running with your sneakers getting progressively more and more drenched as your toes wrinkle to fucking raisins and your nipples rubbing your shirt like two skeletons fucking. I’m talking friction folks. Throw in an ineffective rain jacket that I have to tie over my head to stay somewhat dry, causing a sauna suite effect and let me tell you this week has been great!

Wet testicles aside, It’s not alllllll bad so lets get to the good stuff. The mileage has been alright, I have fallen off the 35-40 mile range this week, unless I run a solid 10 tomorrow, which I am not, but still I’ve gotten some quality work in despite the weather. The truth is as much as I would like to blame the weather I really just didn’t have a great week running. I know that falling off 6 miles from what I would have liked to run is not that big a deal, but it feels like one. I would like to kick it up to the ever elusive 40 mile week next week in preparation for the beginnings of my 16 week marathon training plan. I think it is going to be a lot of fun posting the mileage and workouts for the week and writing about how they are going. I am going to steer away from using the Audiobook Updates as my running updates and make that a separate thing. With some reflection despite it not feeling like I am improving the numbers don’t lie, I am. Cutting 45 seconds off my 10k time, which is a distance that I don’t like racing at, is a big improvement. This shit takes time which is something I always fail to recognize.

I did get a lot of time this week to knock out a lot of the audiobook. We last left the gang having their happy go lucky reunion time, actually no we didn’t but they had this happy go lucky reunion. At this reunion, ya girl bring the pain Moraine just straight up said “My g’s we rolling to the eye of the world, can I get a ye yeeeee” The response was mixed. They decide that they are going to take the ways, and for anyone who has actually read one of these and not just liked my article on the reader thingy on Wordpress, I had actually thought they went to the ways way before this.

So they get to the ways, and you will never guess what the evil villain in there is, MORE WIND. Grey wind, black wind, doesn’t matter, Robert B. Jordan has one enemy in mind and he is going to adapt it to all situations. The highlight of this whole thing is when Egwene is giving Rand that ol’ “O who is THAT” routine and Perrin drops the bomb, “you been hoeing too, I seen you twerking on whatever his name is” and Matt hits her with the “you thing that’s impressive Rand has farmgirls milking him up and down the Queens Road.” Those are some loyal ass friends. Mat especially. Egwene was mad at the time, but you know how these things go, you ain’t attractive to someone until they see someone else finds you attractive. Also I love Loial going with the classic fat guy move when he says “I know where we are trying to go, butttttt these other places are so much closer.” Moraine tells him to go sit on a spear.

In conclusion, these terrible recaps that only make sense to someone familiar with the books is over. I heard they got some big name actress to play Moraine. I have no idea who she is, but honestly is should have been Jessica Walter. For no reason but I find her hilarious. I hope Carrot Top gets cast as Rand.

Final Notes: No events for a while so the race reviews will be put on hold. Also I bought “Lets Go Eevee” for the Nintendo Switch and what the fuckkkkkkkkk is up with that system of throwing pokeballs at wild pokemon instead of battling them? That’s like half the game. You actually get XP points for this. RIDICULOUS! I beat Brock with a god damn Eevee and have not been to a pokemon center the entire game. Back in my day you had to grind to get good enough to beat the first gym leader, and thennnnn you could coast to the Elite Four. Snowflakes ruining a classic. Stay dry everyone.

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