Marathon Mondays Week 12: Final Month

One month left to get myself prepped for the TCS New York City Marathon on November 3rd. Well not exactly one month but the month mark is this week and I wanted a catcher title so shut the hell up. Yesterday’s long monster run was super reassuring. I felt like after I finished that while I was tired as hell and my legs were beyond sore, I still had some gas left in the old tank. Which is good because this shit is not over

Let’s take a look at last weeks torture session. I mentioned that last week was going to be my hardest week in terms of mileage and trust me I felt it. The week started off with 8 miles of hills, which honestly I love and I thought they went great. I was battling with my watch running out of juice as you can see from the two activities I logged instead of one, but rising above that adversity, I thought I did a good job. Next time I have to do an 8-mile run I think I will up the reps for the hill, I did 8 and I think the workout is better suited to 12. O well it’s done.

The 9-miler the next day was not easy. My legs were still pretty beat up from the hills but I was able to power through it. 6 miles the next day felt even worse, but the following two days were not bad at all.

On to the monster run. 20 miles is noooo fucking joke. I decided to run 2 loops, one was 13 miles and the other was the remaining 7. I had those goo packet things at miles 6 and 17 and felt like they really provided the boost I needed. I hydrated at miles 7, 13, and 15, which was a lot less then I did for my 18 mile run but I was feeling pretty good. I didn’t take any Gatorade, I would have but I was too lazy the night before to go buy some. I did eat a quarter of a banana at mile 13, I think I am going to do that from now on because it helped a lot with feeling lightheaded. In terms of my pacing I was pretty solid, I ran at a 10:20 pace. That was a lot slower then I did for the 18-miler but this wasn’t a race situation so I wanted to take things slowly so I wouldn’t burn out. I am at the point where doing the distance is way more important then being fast. No complaints about it here.

Looking at next week it doesn’t really lighten up that much. I have an 8-mile interval run tomorrow, which doesn’t seem terrible but still is no walk in the park. Followed again by another 8-miler, that will more then likely be the hardest run of the week. Hills on Friday will be a nice way to go into the weekend. Either way lets get to it.

Final Notes: Daniel Jones!!!!!!!! PLAYOFFS BABY. Please?

4 thoughts on “Marathon Mondays Week 12: Final Month

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