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Matrim’s Money Makers: Week 4 Thursday Night Football

Quarterback faces are the best

Setting the scene

Philadelphia Eagles (1-2, 0-1 Away) vs. Green Bay Packers (3-0, 2-0 Home)
Date: Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019
Time: 8:20 p.m. EST
Venue: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, WI

The Bet :

Spread: PHI: +4.5 (-110) | GB: -4.5 (-110)

My Guaranteed Winner:

GB: -4.5 (-110)

From the ashes rises a Rodgers. Having preemptively written off the Packers before you know the season started, I have been proven incorrect by the aforementioned Packers . If I know one thing in this crazy mixed up world it is that I know how to bet these Thursday night games (0-2 on Thursday night bets).

I have this strange feeling that I am not really sure who is going to win this game, I just know it will be a blowout. So why wouldn’t I bet the Over instead of the spread. Well I don’t know it just didn’t seem nearly as fun and I really didn’t think about it when I clicked the bet. I have bet the favorite every time, this has proven to be a poor strategy.

Rodgers and the Pack show are looking like a serious team, and Lambeau is one of the biggest home field advantages due to it’s mysterious location that no one can actually point out on a map. But once again the basis for this bet is not how good one team is, but rather how bad the other team is. Wentz has wentz the way of ASDGF it had it’s moment in the sun but now is time to go. The Eagles are banged up. Also all bird teams lost last week, this has nothing to do with anything just every single sports show has mentioned it and I want to be taken seriously so I will sacrifice originality in order to fit in.

I mean also I just checked the injury report and the only key noticeable injuries are DeSean Jackson who I hate more then anyone and Darby who sucks anyway. Starting to reconsider this, just kidding I am all in. The Packers don’t score a whole bunch but whatever please win I am so tired of losing these. That Packers D is giving up only 11 points per game. I mean 3 games is a bad sample size and I don’t think much of these kinds of statistics but they should be able to hold Wentz to limited scores. There it is, I convinced myself.

Mat's Money Makers

Matrim’s Money Makers: Thursday night bonus

To set the stage

The Game:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1, 0-0 Away) vs. Carolina Panthers (0-1, 0-1 Home)

Date: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019

Time: 8:20 p.m. EST

Venue: Bank of America Stadium – Charlotte, NC

The Bet:

Spread: TB: +7 (-120) | CAR: -7 (+100)

My Guaranteed Winner:

CAR: -7 (+100)

I am off to a hottttt start this football season. After last week’s incredible prediction that was thwarted by a man who can’t even chug a beer in what is widely being considered the biggest fluke in gambling history, I am back on the horse. I was not stagnant during the weekend, I won a gimmie pick on the Patriots game. Of course I did no write up for it because I never share my true winners with anyone. I am starting to consider the fact that I might be cursing these teams.

That being said, HAMMER the Panthers. They looked solid last week against the Rams minus the collapse and I think this season they are going to get the ball rolling again. Cam seems to be somewhat healthy, the Panthers are always a tough team and I can not stress this enough, the Bucs fucking suck.

More importantly then all of this I want to talk about how fucking bad these Thursday Night Football commercials are. The premise of the commercial is so stupid, these two fans are talking shit not too each other, well kind off, but to the other team. This guy Jim/Bob/standard white guy is talking about how the Panthers can’t handle the Bucs while wearing this ridiculous Hawaiian shirt. Everyone can handle the Bucs. Then this frumpy ass gross looking lady in front of this massive grill is going on about “Super Cam” and how he won’t be bothered by Tampa. We know, no one has been bothered by Tampa in the history of sports. Except I guess that Super Bowl. Shut the hell up both of you. Shit talking should be visceral, you should be talking about how the Panthers suck because your husband cheated on you with your best friend and now has two families. Let’s run through a much better example.

White Guy:

Get ready you inbred cousin fuckers Tampa is going to molest you like you are driving an Uber that Jameis is in.

White Girl:

Tampa is poor man’s Miami. Big Willie wasn’t singing about “Down to Tampa where the crystal meth is on”

Listen that is not great either but at least it is a launch point for a better commercial. Regardless, the Bucs are god damn terrrrrrible. They are coming off an atrocity, they are playing on the road, and Bruce Arians is lost out there. Panthers easy.

“You could put a man’s eye out with that thing, and normally I wouldn’t mind, but I’m running short on eyes these days.”

Mat's Money Makers

Matrim’s Money Makers: NFL Season Opener Edition

That is supposed to be Locke Lamora

To set the stage

The Game:

Green Bay Packers (0-0, 0-0 Away) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0, 0-0 Home)

Date: Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019

Time: 8:20 p.m. EST

Venue: Soldier Field – Chicago, IL

The Bet:

Spread: GB: +3 (+100) | CHI: -3 (-120)

My Guaranteed Winner:

CHI: -3 (-120)

FOOTBALL is back! Which means the return of the easiest way to make (lose) money this fall! Behind on your credit card payments? Bet (don’t) with me. Need Roman swipes (sponsor me please) because your girl is complaining that you are a two pump chump? Bet with me! Tired of running out of cocaine in the pre-game? Bet with me and stay bumping lines until 5 minutes into the game like a god damn champion/drug addict. Ride the gravy train straight into some KFC biscuits. Get yourself back to a zero balance, get your dick numb, work on deviating that septum, all things are possible when you follow the advice of a man who titles his gambling blogs after a fictional gambler from a fantasy series.

On another note that isn’t hardo gambling guy/blatant rip-off of The Wolf of Wall Street this new way of setting the scene with the formatting is much better. Thanks FanDuel blog thing!

Okay so now that the scene is set lets get into the meat of it. The Packers are coming off of one of those nightmare seasons. 6-9-1 with McCarthy’s fat ass getting the boot after 12 games. Rodgers continuing to be Mr. Glass and going down for the year. The kind of stuff that gets the boys down. So naturally they brought in a whole new coaching staff.  They have no notables in the receiver/running back game. Normally that wouldn’t matter, Rodgers is honestly that fucking good. He also rippppped the Bears heart out last year. But they have a new head coach in Matty LaFleur and I think it’s safe to say that the first game of the season with an entirely new coaching staff, playing on the road, and playing a great Bears team is a recipe for disaster.

The Bears are a lot of peoples pick for coming out of the NFC. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. Obviously they got massacred by the Double-Doink but they are a young, hungry squad ready to tear it up. Easy choice.

None of this is new information. I am not reinventing the wheel with this stuff. The point I am trying to make is stats and shit are dumb. This is an obvious feeling bet. Also Aaron Rodgers can’t chug a beer. That has to haunt a man. At least for a week. Please?

“The innocent died along with the guilty. And if you did nothing, then only the innocent died.”

-Mat Cauthon

Journey around the Wheel of Time

Eye of the World Audiobook Update 7

Okay, okay, okay, it’s that time of the week where I’m going to ramble on about Eye of the World, running and touch upon gambling losses. I feel like I have been struggling with the running this week. With having the Brooklyn Half on Saturday and doing the City Manager’s 10-Mile Race to Remember this Sunday, I am in that intermediary week where I don’t have a long race to get these miles in and I don’t want to overdo it and be shot to shit by Sunday. So I fed myself a steady diet of 5-7 mile runs, and will close up the week with two 3 milers Friday and Saturday. Running consistent 5-7 miles everyday was just boring, I should have broke it up with something. I think I might shoot for a 40 mile week next week, since 10 of them will already be knocked out by the race Sunday and I don’t believe I have anything coming up.

There is one good thing about 5-7 milers every day, it gave me a shitload of time to make some progress on Eye of the World. I just finished listening to the part of the book where Perrin and Egwenes’ dumbasses get scooped up by the Children of the Light. RIP HOPPER YOU WERE A REAL ONE. I guess it really isn’t too depressing because I’m almost positive he lives on in the dream world. Kinda hard to get emotional over it. I call those two dumbasses because I never understand this, instead of hiding by the only identifiable object in the Stedding, just keep walking or lay down in the middle of the field. You have night vision Perrin, use it. Terrible showing by him just charging them and getting twerked in the head. Be better bro.

Update on the tres amigos. Boring, Nynaeve grow up already. Such a whiner. Looks like fucking CP3 after literally anything happens on the court. Moiraine is like Scott Foster. Lan is like somebody. Good job me.

I would be remiss in my duties if I did not touch upon the hero of the story and Lenny al’Thor. Things started to pop off in White Bridge, and honestly there is no one to blame here but Rand. If he just never spoke to Padain Fain, Mat would never be forced to have to make tough decisions like saying to Thom we gotta split up. Thom is a real one though. Charging a fade when you are 900 years old takes balls. His may be old and wrinkled, but they are most certainly there. Gracious of Mat to not steal the spotlight and take out the fade himself. Real heroes know to get everyone on the team involved.

And that is this week’s update. Remember kids stay in school.

Final Notes:

There is this book proposal going around my office today, and it is seriously the craziest thing I have ever read. It is at least 14k words long and it is the work a madman, I want to share it soooooo badly but I have a feeling I would get fired instantly. It’s ballsy as hell though, my man not only proposed a book, but also a subsequent movie, tv show and an app. I would love if people started sending me crazy ass book proposals.

I was riding a hot streak on the Bucks covering, but that came to a crashing halt last night. Kawhi had to be the most desirable free agent this summer. It’s weird, like he has such a solid image, seems crazy dependable, doesn’t cry to the media, doesn’t even have emotion when he gets called for something, is willing to limp around the court just to play and yet I still always question him because of San Antonio. I can’t wait to one day find out the real, or as close to real as things get these days, one day. Three blogs this week. What a legend. Final notes is a little out of hand on this one.


Matrim’s Money Makers Part 3 (or 4?)

“The only rules he wanted to remember were “never kiss a girl whose brothers have knife scars” and “never gamble without knowing a back way out” – Mat Cauthon

Time has come for the number one blog to guarantee you get rich. You want winners? TRUST ME I HAVE THEM. Look at my past history if you want examples of greatness. This is the third (or fourth?) rendition of the gambling blog for fantasy fanatics. The 0-3 (or 4?) speaks for itself or to itself on some Iskaral Pust flow. If you don’t believe real money is changing hands I might start posting the betting slips, you have never seen $10 dollars (I know high roller stuff) disappear faster. It’s funny, the winners I have had recently are of course undocumented. The old Instagram philosophy comes to mind, if you don’t post it it didn’t happen. A quick aside, I read a story about some influencer faking attending Coachella and everyone eating it up, and I gotta say I lovvvve that move. Like an old soldier claiming they fought next to a hero, meanwhile they were like fucking guarding the supplies.

That being said I know that I got a hot one tonight. We got my gambling favorite Philadelphia 76’s taking on the professional chokes the Toronto Drakes.

Philadelphia 76ers   Toronto Drakes
-1.5 SPREAD +1.5
-125 MONEY LINE +105

You gotta hammer the 76ers tonight. I wouldn’t hate on taking the money line I really believe this one is going to come down to the last bucket, but I don’t feel good enough to take the Drakes. This is going to come down to the 3rd quarter, if the Sixers can come out of the half strong then they are going to take the game. It’s funny, both teams have won based on brilliant performances from stars. You could make the argument that Butler is 2nd or 3rd fiddle, but certainly Kawhi is THE GUY. But I think the team that is going to take this game is going to have the better-rounded team effort. I want to compare the Sixers to one of my favorite mercenary groups, The Black Company, but due to what can easily be a confusing and controversial label (with the exception of JJ and Boban) I think I am going to go with The Crimson Guard. Doesn’t translate as well but so be it.

Regardless, they are the home team. They stole a game on the road. They are individually the more talented team. They have moments where they actually come together. They also have moments where they splinter off to do their own thing post loss of K’azz style, but I think the energy in Philly is going to propel them to actually work together. So book it.