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Matrim’s Money Makers: Week 4 Thursday Night Football

Quarterback faces are the best

Setting the scene

Philadelphia Eagles (1-2, 0-1 Away) vs. Green Bay Packers (3-0, 2-0 Home)
Date: Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019
Time: 8:20 p.m. EST
Venue: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, WI

The Bet :

Spread: PHI: +4.5 (-110) | GB: -4.5 (-110)

My Guaranteed Winner:

GB: -4.5 (-110)

From the ashes rises a Rodgers. Having preemptively written off the Packers before you know the season started, I have been proven incorrect by the aforementioned Packers . If I know one thing in this crazy mixed up world it is that I know how to bet these Thursday night games (0-2 on Thursday night bets).

I have this strange feeling that I am not really sure who is going to win this game, I just know it will be a blowout. So why wouldn’t I bet the Over instead of the spread. Well I don’t know it just didn’t seem nearly as fun and I really didn’t think about it when I clicked the bet. I have bet the favorite every time, this has proven to be a poor strategy.

Rodgers and the Pack show are looking like a serious team, and Lambeau is one of the biggest home field advantages due to it’s mysterious location that no one can actually point out on a map. But once again the basis for this bet is not how good one team is, but rather how bad the other team is. Wentz has wentz the way of ASDGF it had it’s moment in the sun but now is time to go. The Eagles are banged up. Also all bird teams lost last week, this has nothing to do with anything just every single sports show has mentioned it and I want to be taken seriously so I will sacrifice originality in order to fit in.

I mean also I just checked the injury report and the only key noticeable injuries are DeSean Jackson who I hate more then anyone and Darby who sucks anyway. Starting to reconsider this, just kidding I am all in. The Packers don’t score a whole bunch but whatever please win I am so tired of losing these. That Packers D is giving up only 11 points per game. I mean 3 games is a bad sample size and I don’t think much of these kinds of statistics but they should be able to hold Wentz to limited scores. There it is, I convinced myself.

Mat's Money Makers

Matrim’s Money Makers: Thursday night bonus

To set the stage

The Game:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1, 0-0 Away) vs. Carolina Panthers (0-1, 0-1 Home)

Date: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019

Time: 8:20 p.m. EST

Venue: Bank of America Stadium – Charlotte, NC

The Bet:

Spread: TB: +7 (-120) | CAR: -7 (+100)

My Guaranteed Winner:

CAR: -7 (+100)

I am off to a hottttt start this football season. After last week’s incredible prediction that was thwarted by a man who can’t even chug a beer in what is widely being considered the biggest fluke in gambling history, I am back on the horse. I was not stagnant during the weekend, I won a gimmie pick on the Patriots game. Of course I did no write up for it because I never share my true winners with anyone. I am starting to consider the fact that I might be cursing these teams.

That being said, HAMMER the Panthers. They looked solid last week against the Rams minus the collapse and I think this season they are going to get the ball rolling again. Cam seems to be somewhat healthy, the Panthers are always a tough team and I can not stress this enough, the Bucs fucking suck.

More importantly then all of this I want to talk about how fucking bad these Thursday Night Football commercials are. The premise of the commercial is so stupid, these two fans are talking shit not too each other, well kind off, but to the other team. This guy Jim/Bob/standard white guy is talking about how the Panthers can’t handle the Bucs while wearing this ridiculous Hawaiian shirt. Everyone can handle the Bucs. Then this frumpy ass gross looking lady in front of this massive grill is going on about “Super Cam” and how he won’t be bothered by Tampa. We know, no one has been bothered by Tampa in the history of sports. Except I guess that Super Bowl. Shut the hell up both of you. Shit talking should be visceral, you should be talking about how the Panthers suck because your husband cheated on you with your best friend and now has two families. Let’s run through a much better example.

White Guy:

Get ready you inbred cousin fuckers Tampa is going to molest you like you are driving an Uber that Jameis is in.

White Girl:

Tampa is poor man’s Miami. Big Willie wasn’t singing about “Down to Tampa where the crystal meth is on”

Listen that is not great either but at least it is a launch point for a better commercial. Regardless, the Bucs are god damn terrrrrrible. They are coming off an atrocity, they are playing on the road, and Bruce Arians is lost out there. Panthers easy.

“You could put a man’s eye out with that thing, and normally I wouldn’t mind, but I’m running short on eyes these days.”